Boba chain mission

Provide reliable, fast and simple solutions for Boba shops.

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We want to become a main currency that is used in Boba stores and also expand to other kind of beverage stores also. Our vision is providing a fast and good way to pay for your drink with a simple app on your phone so you don’t have to carry your wallet and paper money with you every time you want to buy a drink.

The Boba Chain project will also be an passive investment for your future and the place for you to look for real investor for your business.

Boba Chain Target Market

Boba Chain in Numbers

Boba Tea Market Cap

Boba stores in US

Boba stores around the world
Development Schedule

The Boba Chain Road Map

August 2018
BOBA Coin Blockchain

Genesis block creation, Core wallet releases, explorers, mining pools.

Sept 2018
BOBA Simple Wallet

Initial Android wallet, IOS wallet release, marketing activities.

October 2018
Parnership Round

Connect with real boba store, incorporated document filling, Beta Android wallet and Iphone wallet release.

November 2018
Franchising Platform Initial Stage

Alpha franchising platform launch, Revised marketing plan fine tune for 2019.

December 2018
Year End Marketing

Finding more partnership, advertising and year end promotion for store that use BOBA system, listing on more exchanges.

January 2019
Official lauch

Franchising platform official launch, marketing and media promotion for the platform.

BOBA Core Wallets

BOBA Coin Blockchain

Technical Specifications

Boba Chain
MN Collateral:
1,000 BOBA
Block Reward:
Block Reward:
50% PoW / 50% MN
PoW Algo:
Block time:
120 Seconds
12 Months
Max Supply:
21,000,000 BOBA

Brief Introduction

Boba Chain is a mineable, and decentralized cryptocurrency that will be the exclusive payment method for Boba shop owners and users of our franchising platform.

Boba Chain provide instant transactions and optional privacy, supported by an independent and reliable blockchain, allow The BOBA Chain to offer real time zero-confirmation deployment of its services.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I Mine BOBA?

Anyone can mine BOBA, we chose an energy efficient PoW algorithm (Lyra2z) that is mineable on Nvidia ( CCMiner ), AMD ( SGMiner ) and CPU ( CPUMiner ).

How can I Trade BOBA?

BOBA’s first listing exchange will be Crypto Bridge, we chose it for being a decentralized exchange and being the most supportive exchange for masternode coins.

How is the BOBA team Formed?

Our core team is originally from China, and the United States and we will hire more people later based on the progress of the project.

The team identities will be revealed as soon as The Boba Chain is incorporated.

What is the BOBA team’s Experience?

We are the team with at least 5 years experience in IT infrastructure business, Frond-end and Back-end web development.


Buying BOBA

BOBA is traded on Crypto Bridge Decentralized Exchange.

Crypto Bridge